Advanced Topics on Machine Learning

I am the founder and organizer of the award-winning Advanced Topics On Machine Learning ( ATOM ) discussion group in Seattle. From 2016 until the COVID era, we met every three weeks to discuss journal articles, advances in ML, or Kaggle competition solutions. With the help of my coorganisers Nick, Hanna, Matt, and Susan, ATOM grew to average an attendance of forty or more. ATOM is a Special Interest Group of the Puget Sound Programming in Python community.

Long Island CW Club

In August of 2020, I joined the Long Island CW Club, an active amateur radio community that teaches Morse code. I began teaching Morse code, particularly head-copy and head-sending, as an instructor with the NV1U Memorial Class. I now teach three times a week.

Puget Sound Repeater Group

I am an active member of the Puget Sound Repeater Group, a lively community of amateur radio operators in the Seattle area. I run a weekly net with my friend Jack, and also serve as Secretary of the Board and organise educational meetings for the group.

Princeton University Python Community

Whilst at Princeton, I founded the Princeton University Python Community with my friend Paul. I created and taught workshops on scientific computing, attended by students, faculty, and staff. The group became part of the Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering, with thanks to a great collaboration with Floe Fusin-Wischusen.


I regularly deliver talks to numerous groups. Here’s a selection of the talks I’ve given over the past five years.